What length should curtains fall to?

This could be the most important thing to consider when planning and measuring your perfect curtain, whether it be a subtle sheer or a dramatic drape.  Too short curtains are painful to look at, looking awkward and incomplete.  


There are three ways to hang floor-length curtains correctly; small variations in curtain length make a big difference in statement…


The Float

The curtains hang to just an inch off the floor.  This lends a more casual look, as well as being practical if the drapes are being open and closed often.  It’s good option if you want to hang your curtains without any break.  


The Kiss

The curtains barely touch the floor.  This looks the most intentional and custom as it requires precise measurements, making it the hardest to pull of perfectly.  When the curtain is open there is a small break/bend in the curtain.   


The Puddle

The curtains are made slightly longer so they flare out in a puddle on the floor.  This creates a formal and luxurious feel, working well in traditional, romantic interiors.  It really showcases the fabric, so thick high-quality fabric is recommended.