Where to hang curtains for a well-dressed interior

The placement of your window treatment has the capability to visually lift or dwarf your room.  The higher your curtain pole, track or rod, the taller and more elegant your window will look.   


Go High

The higher you go with your pole or track, the taller the window will appear.   Whilst the right height to hang your curtains is an opinion of fashion, if the interior allows it, it’s best to go 2/3 the distance between the ceiling and window.  


Go Wide

Just as you want to raise curtains to draw the eye up and make the room appear taller, hanging curtains wider than the window frame makes the windows themselves seem larger.  It will also ensure that when the curtains are open, there is space either side of your window for the stack back.


So how long should the pole be?

This can be subjective and is influenced by the surroundings and possible obstructions around the window opening.  But the rule of thumb is to extend 15 – 20 cm beyond the width of the window on either side.


The Good

Hang the curtain rod or pole 2/3 the distance above the window

Extend the curtain rod or pole 15 – 20 cm beyond the width of the window on either side


The Bad

Curtains rod hung directly above the window

Curtain rod the same width as the window