Why choose hand sewn curtains?

We believe that one can quite simply see and feel the difference in quality handmade curtains.  How they drape so elegantly adds such a sumptuous feel to any interior space.   By using the finest traditional methods, hand finished soft furnishings showcase quality and precision which isn’t found in machine made.


Every element of our bespoke curtains is hand sewn by our crafters.  This is stronger that machine sewn and ensures that curtains will look the same in future years as the day they were hung.  Fully mitered corners and linings are hand sewn giving the curtains neater, crisper look.  All weights are hand stitched into the curtain to prevent movement which maintain longevity.


Delicate fabrics such as fine silks and luxurious velvets require hand sewing.  The fragile fibres of the fabric make for an elegant drape, however they are so fine that the speed of the machine and the durable feet, applies too much pressure on the fabric, causing tears and imperfections.