Why line and interline curtains and blinds?

Lining adds body and weight to curtains and roman blinds making them feel luxurious and drape elegantly.  Depending on your interior, interlined curtains can assist with creating that grand, traditional mood.  They also work well with contemporary styles, the extra weight allowing the curtains to hang uniformly. 


Whilst lining and interlining curtains and roman blinds adds a sumptuous feel visually, it can also enhance the feel of the room in the way it provides insulation from cold draughts and absorbs more sound than unlined curtains, creating a welcoming appeal.  These insulation properties improve the energy efficiency of the building.  It will help keep the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 


As they are window dressings, curtains and roman blinds are exposed to a lot of direct sunlight throughout the year.  This can quickly damage and fade fabrics if unlined. However, interlining provides a protective measure that will ensure curtains and roman blinds look good for longer.  


While considered decisions are made on the curtain fabric and hardware, such careful deliberation is not often found on the choice of lining.  However it could be the difference between lifeless and inviting. 


We have carefully selected a range of premium quality linings and interlinings to use on your projects, please get in touch for more details.